Episode 14: Maria Klawe #WomenInSTEM

What We Do is BACK from our two week hiatus! We couldn't be more excited to get back to work with our first guest: Maria Klawe. Maria is a renowned computer scientist and mathematician who champions initiatives on getting more women and minorities into STEM fields. Among many positions, she previously served as the Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University and she currently serves as the first ever female President of Harvey Mudd College. Beyond her significant contributions to her areas of study and love of teaching and lecturing, the accomplished artist's main passion focuses on inspiring women to tackle their biggest academic dreams. We discuss her personal story and major challenges as a woman in her career field, her thoughts on how to get over the imposter syndrome of feeling like you are not good enough, advice to any students out there who might be struggling or feel like the challenges of an education outweigh the benefits and much more. Maria is a prime example of harnessing your talents, whatever they might be, for the greater good and making change in the world. What We Do is so honored to have her on the show.