Episode 15: Suzy Whaley #OnTheGreen

It's Masters week! For all you non-golf fans, basically this is the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, and any other big sporting event you can think all wrapped into one tidy Azalea covered package. In the spirit of The Masters, what better than to share my interview with someone who is truly making strides in the game of golf? What We Do is pleased to welcome the one and only Suzy Whaley. Suzy is not only a golf professional in Connecticut, a former LPGA pro, and an entrepreneur, but she is the first woman to ever be elected to serve as an officer of the PGA of America. This coming November, she will be the Organization's first ever female president. The decorated golfer is also a loving wife and mother and shares her stories of what it took to overcome obstacles, how she thinks the game of golf can grow to be more inclusive, tips for anyone starting their own business, her sales pitch to you if you are a non-golfer and are thinking about getting into the game and much more. Regardless if you are a regular golfer or you've never picked up a club, Suzy talks about major life lessons that everyone can learn from. Enjoy!