Episode 32: Nina Davuluri #GlowAndConquer

We are back with another episode featuring the fabulous Nina Davuluri! Nina is the cofounder of the skincare brand Aavrani which is making a major splash in the skincare and beauty industry. She is also an advocate for diversity, cultural competency, STEM education and a phenomenal host and on-camera personality. And yes, she is a former Miss America! Nina is someone that I have always looked to for advice in some of my most trying times and someone I see as a soundboard to bounce ideas off of to help me figure out life! Today on the episode, we’re talking growing up in a traditional Indian culture, her journey with Miss America, what she’s experienced in founding a venture, details on the Aavrani products, some fab life and business advice, and much more but you’ll have to listen to see what that is!


Episode 31: Laura Rutledge #TimingIsEverything

Hello WWD! This week I am having an amazing conversation with the one and only Laura Rutledge. A graduate of the University of Florida, you can catch Laura as the host of SEC Nation and a slew of other shows on ESPN talking college and professional football, basketball tournaments, championships, and basically anything under the sun when it comes to sports. On the podcast she tells you all about what she does, how she got there, what she's overcome, her advice for you, some of her most embarrassing moments on camera, and some of her most rewarding moments along with how she balances it all or at least how she fits it in to 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Laura is a true testament to working hard and earning your success. Ya'll are gonna love this episode! 


Episode 30: Angel Joy Blue #DontGiveUp

IT IS EPISODE 30. Thank you so much to all of the listeners out there who have made this possible! I am so thankful for each and everyone of you and for all of the kind messages I get every week about how much you love the show. To celebrate episode 30, I could not be prouder to bring you this next episode. It took months of coordination, overcoming technology, and extensive work for the Resonate Recordings team to bring you this episode, but alas it is here and I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it. Please welcome Angel Joy Blue to the show. Months ago, Angel was nominated by one of our listeners to be on the show and finally here she is! Angel is quickly establishing herself as one of the best singers of her generation, having performed in over 35 countries in the last 6 years in venues like the Royal Opera House in London, La Scala in Milan, and The Met and Carnegie Hall in New York, along with many, many others. Currently singing the role of Musetta in The Met's production of La Boheme, the stunning opera singer with her Masters in Music in Opera Performance from UCLA is recognized all over the world for her beautiful timbre and incredible stage presence. Angel and her mother co-founded a foundation called Sylvia's Kids, a foundation that gives a scholarship award to support an inner city high school senior graduating and continuing their studies at a trade school, community college, or four year university. But beyond all of that, she is simply a wonderful human and you will feel that in every word of this interview. At the top of the episode, we also have a quick hello from our new intern, Molly Peterson! Welcome to the team, Molly! Enjoy the episode, ya’ll. And thanks again for getting us to 30!

Angel High Resolution.JPG

Episode 28: Savvy Shields #RainMakesFlowers

Happy Wednesday! Its the best day of the week because its What We Do Wednesday (and its October 3rd AND Wednesday…if you know what I’m referring to, than you just know) and we have a new interview for you! Last week we had a Miss USA on and this week, we thought it would be only right if we balanced that out by having on a Miss America! Please welcome none other than Mrs. Savvy Shields Wolfe to the show. Savvy was Miss America 2017 and I'm so proud to call her a Miss America Sister. Born and raised in Fayetteville Arkansas, Savvy, an art major at the University of Arkansas, spent her year as Miss America advocating for healthy life decisions with "Savvy's Choices", woking with CMN Hospitals, the USO, and much, much more. Savvy just got married and is literally living her best life with her new husband Nate. She continues to crush the social media game and is releasing some original art work soon! Today we are covering a lot, including her tips and tricks for social media, married life and planning a wedding, some of her big challenges leading up to and during Miss America, her favorite moments from the experience, mental health and dealing with our mental health in a positive way, and her hopes for the future! Please enjoy the episode!


Episode 27: Kristen Dalton Wolfe #TheSparkleEffect

Hello What We Doers! This week WWD welcomes Kristen Dalton Wolfe to the show! Kristen is a former Miss USA who helps women step into the radiance of their true identity. Since Miss USA, Kristen has used her passion for women coupled with her degree in Psychology to launch SheisMore.com, a faith blog to spread the truth that every woman is royalty. 400,000 readers are impacted every month by the site. Kristen and her husband are based in Los Angeles and run men and women’s ministries, retreats and conferences. They speak regularly in churches, conferences, events and universities. Kristen is also a TV host with her own nationally syndicated show and you may also see her in global print and commercial campaigns. Kristen is the author of Rise Up, Princess: 60 Days To Revealing Her Royal Identity and Rise Up With God: The Guided Journal. Her next book, The Sparkle Effect is coming soon! Today on the episode, Kristen and Kira discuss Kristen's road to and after Miss USA, her life based in faith, a spirited discussion on relationships, religion, and overcoming anxiety, the joys and challenges of being a new mom, launching a book product, and much more! Please enjoy!


Episode 26: KellyHawkins #TheDailyRally

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of WWD! This week we are welcoming Kelly Hawkins to the show. Now like me and like many of us, Kelly is in the early stages of starting her very own venture called The Daily Rally. Kelly has worked for ESPN, ESPNU, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, the Jacksonville Jaguars and many others. After college she went to the PGA TOUR to serve as a reporter and producer which is how we met. Now Kelly is bringing her sports wisdom to the masses and providing fun content for guys and girls alike in a super witty and charming way. If any of you out there want to be better sports fans or just want to know what the heck is going on out there, you have to subscribe to The Daily Rally. For now, Kelly is sharing some of the lessons she’s learned along the way and giving a really relatable take on being an early stage female entrepreneur. Please enjoy!


Episode 25: Divya Gugnani #WanderBeauty

This week, WWD welcomes Divya Gugnani to the show! A serial entrepreneur and early stage startup investor, Divya is the CEO and cofounder of Wander Beauty, and Divya started her career in finance and venture capital. She's also quite the home chef, having graduated from the French Culinary Institute, truly a woman of many talents. Today on the show, we're talking advice for female entrepreneurs, employment tips, how to pivot in the face of failure, Divya's journey from a "normal" career to entrepreneurship, what it's like to experience "hypergrowth" and sell a company, and just really good life advice that everybody needs. So I hope you enjoy the episode!


Episode 24: We Back #MissedYa

Hello WWD fam! We are so excited to be BACK after a much needed summer break. Hopefully everyone has had a super productive and bad ass summer and of course a ton of fun in the sun. Ok so this week, Kira is just getting reacquainted with you all and touching on some of her summer experiences. We're telling a few road warrior stories anddddd also mentioning some Miss America drama thoughts. Basically we all just need to love each other and support the 51 women competing for the title of Miss America over the next few weeks. We don't get too into the details but if you want to know more, you can go to instagram @kirakazantsev to read the statement posted last week. Please take a listen, subscribe, and maybe even go nuts and leave us a comment!! As always, send in your questions, comments, compliments, etc. to info@whatwedo.live. See you next week!

Keeping the Miss A excitement alive with this photo as the contestants are arriving in AC and this time of year always makes me nostalgic!

Keeping the Miss A excitement alive with this photo as the contestants are arriving in AC and this time of year always makes me nostalgic!

Episode 23: Gretchen Carlson #ByeByeBikini

This week, What We Do is a little off our normal routine because the Miss America Organization dropped some bombshell news that naturally shook our little world and made national news headlines. That's right, MAO is retiring the swimsuit competition and there are lots of feelings about that. Here to talk about those feelings and much more is Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen is a TV personality, Author, Mom, Advocate, Former Miss America, and the Chairwoman of the Miss America Organization. I put it to my instagram followers to submit questions for Gretchen on the new changes and I got some amazing questions that resulted in a great conversation. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. We are clarifying some misconceptions, clearing up the confusion and doing a lot of explanation of what went into this decision. If you enjoy the episode or if you have any other questions please DM me @whatwedopodcast or send an email to info@whatwedo.live. Enjoy!