Episode 23: Gretchen Carlson #ByeByeBikini

This week, What We Do is a little off our normal routine because the Miss America Organization dropped some bombshell news that naturally shook our little world and made national news headlines. That's right, MAO is retiring the swimsuit competition and there are lots of feelings about that. Here to talk about those feelings and much more is Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen is a TV personality, Author, Mom, Advocate, Former Miss America, and the Chairwoman of the Miss America Organization. I put it to my instagram followers to submit questions for Gretchen on the new changes and I got some amazing questions that resulted in a great conversation. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. We are clarifying some misconceptions, clearing up the confusion and doing a lot of explanation of what went into this decision. If you enjoy the episode or if you have any other questions please DM me @whatwedopodcast or send an email to info@whatwedo.live. Enjoy!