Episode 8: Sarah Wallace #TheresAlwaysAStory #JustListen

We are so excited to welcome award-winning veteran journalist Sarah Wallace to What We Do! Sarah is a member of NBC 4 New York’s investigative unit, the I-Team. Sarah cemented her reputation as one of the city’s best reporters by securing exclusive interviews, including a one-on-one prison interview with child killer Joel Steinberg and an interview with Julio Acevedo, the Brooklyn man now convicted in the hit-and-run death of a couple in Williamsburg. Through an intermediary, she helped negotiate Acevedo’s peaceful surrender to the NYPD after he fled the state. Among her many accomplishments in journalism are a George Foster Peabody Award, two Edward R. Murrow Awards and 17 Emmy Awards. Sarah began her broadcast career in radio in San Francisco, California, working as a news assistant at KNBR while attending college at the University of California, Berkeley. After earning a BA in Communications and Public Policy, she jumped right into television news, hired as an anchor/reporter at KMJ-TV in Fresno. Sarah then moved to KCRA-TV in Sacramento as an anchor/reporter before taking a job as a weeknight anchor at KTTV in Los Angeles. She moved on to KCST-TV in San Diego as an anchor/reporter before being hired as a consumer/investigative reporter at WABC-TV in New York. She anchored the weekend newscasts for six years before joining the station's investigative unit in 1998 where she worked until 2015 before joining NBC 4 New York. Kira and Sarah discuss making it as a reporter, what makes a good reporter and journalist, the climate of the news industry today, the challenges and struggles she's faced, her most triumphant moments, the work ethic her job requires, some incredible stories, and much more. Enjoy!