Episode 3: Jenni Pulos #RunningYourOwnRace

In Episode 3 of the What We Do Podcast, Kira sits down with Jenni Pulos of "Flipping Out" on Bravo. Jenni is an actress, comedian, author, rapper, wife and mother of two. This week, the podcast is going deep into some very big issues. Jenni shares her thoughts on failing your way to the successes of your life and reveals that looking back, she would have never thought her life would be what it has turned out to be, but she wouldn't want it any other way. Jenni is a big advocate of trusting life's journey and "blooming where you're planted". Through hard work, controlling the things you can control, and trusting in yourself, you can not only have an incredible journey but an even better destination. As long as you remember to be run your own race and not compare yourself to others. We discuss Jenni's thoughts on bullying, sexual assault in Hollywood, and how she overcomes negativity. We also discuss Jenni's deeply challenging struggle with infertility and her process through IVF which resulted in the birth of her second daughter. And finally we go into mentorship, religion, and much more! Below are links to Jenni's book, Grin and Bear It: How to be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way and some of her rap videos. Thank you so much to Jenni for being on the show! Enjoy and please rate and review the podcast on iTunes if you haven't already!

Jenni's Book: Grin and Bear It: How to be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way

Jenni's Raps: Poo in the Potty, Mean Stinks

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